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Present Simple or Present Continuous? Esercizi

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  • Phrase 1/16

    Charlotte and David are busy. They cookcooksare cooking dinner now.

  • Phrase 2/16

    Peter sometimes readsreadis reading comics.

  • Phrase 3/16

    I are likinglikelikes spaghetti.

  • Phrase 4/16

    He is studyingstudystudies for his test tonight.

  • Phrase 5/16

    We is watchingwatchare watching a horror film right now.

  • Phrase 6/16

    Are he playingIs he playingDoes he play the guitar this week?

  • Phrase 7/16

    My mother is makingmakesmake breakfast today.

  • Phrase 8/16

    Look! The boys is comingcomeare coming home right now.

  • Phrase 9/16

    We doesn't tidydon’t tidytidies our bedrooms on Sunday.

  • Phrase 10/16

    My friends always are meetingmeetmeets at the weekends.

  • Phrase 11/16

    What doisare you doesdodoing now?

  • Phrase 12/16

    I preferam preferringprefers this scarf

  • Phrase 13/16

    We often playsare playingplay cards in the evening, but today we playis playingare playing board games.

  • Phrase 14/16

    What areisdo your favorite sport?

  • Phrase 15/16

    Her brother likedoesn't likedon't like chocolate ice - cream.

  • Phrase 16/16

    She is talkingare talkingtalks on the phone at the moment.