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Errori Comuni

Scegli l'opzione corretta
They had a nice game of football.
They had a nice play of football.

Avoid using play in the sense game. Play means amusement: He is fond of play.

She's lived here since two years.
She's lived here for two years.

Place the preposition for before words or phrases denoting a period of time: for three days, for six weeks, for two years, for a few minutes, for a long time. Use it with any tense except the present.

For is often omitted. We can say: I've been here for two years or I've been here two years.

Many people lost their lives at sea.
Many people lost their life at sea.

In English, we use words like life, heart soul, body, mind in the plural when they refer to more than one person.

I was born on the third of December.
I was born the third of December.

As a rule, don't use a noun without a preposition to show the time of some action.

Don't use a preposition with last year, next year, some day, one day, this afternoon, etc.

I paid six pound for the book.
I paid six pounds for the book.

Take care not to leave out the -s, -es or -ies of the plural number.

The following nouns have irregular plurals: man, men; woman, women; child, children; ox, oxen; foot, feet; tooth, teeth; goose, geese; mouse, mice.