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Alicia Keys – Authors Of Forever testo e traduzione (al clic) in italiano

Authors Of Forever - Alicia Keys

parole da studiare

We are lost and lonely people

And we're looking for a reason and it's alright

So let's celebrate the dreamers

We embrace the space between us, 'cause it's alright

We're all in this boat together

And we're sailing towards the future and it's alright

We can't make the whole thing better

We're the authors of forever and it's alright

We are born on our own

And we die on our own

And we're here to make meaning

Of what happens in between

We could hate, we could love

We could doubt, we could trust

But we're here to make meaning

For as long as we're breathing and it's alright

Wherever you are, it's alright

Whoever you are, it's alright