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All Saints – Black Coffee testo e traduzione (al clic) in italiano

Black Coffee - All Saints

parole da studiare

Night swimming

Beach walking

Always silent

Never talking

Then you call my name

And I know inside I love you

Sail away

I miss you more

Until you see the shore

There I will be waiting


Each moment is new

And breeds a moment

Each moment is cool

And breeds a moment

I wouldn’t wanna be

Anywhere else but... here

I wouldn’t wanna change

Anything at all

(anything oh i..)

I wouldn’t wanna take

Everything out on... you

Though I know I do

(although I know I do)

Everytime I fall

Day dreaming

Chain smoking

Always laughin

Always jokin

I remain the same

Did I tell you that I love you

Brush your teeth

And pour a cup of black coffee out

I love to watch you do that every day

The little things that you do