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Carolina Liar – Done Stealin' testo e traduzione (al clic) in italiano

Done Stealin' - Carolina Liar

parole da studiare

If I had the chance to say,

Remove the walls, let's clean the slate,

Would it make us new?

Should we find a way to start

Without the mess we've made this far,

Would it make us new?

I've seen this movie once before

Don't need to see the end, no

I can't get away

And you will never leave me

Addicted to the game

It's time to make it easy

I can't get enough

So I have to do the right thing

And give you back

'Cause I'm done stealin'

If someone looked into our case

And said our files could be erased,

Would that make us new?

Just tell me when and where to sign

I'll check in and do the time

And tell the truth