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Citizen Soldier – 15 Minutes of Fame testo e traduzione (al clic) in italiano

15 Minutes of Fame - Citizen Soldier

parole da studiare

o you know what it's like, just to crawl through your life

Like a ghost, like a ghost…

I have beauty and rage, full of love, full of pain

That no one knows, no one knows…

So I, wrote a letter today, wrote in blood just to say, I can't take this one more day!

Far away, there's a place

Where the lonely go, when there's no way home

No one knows, no one cares

To know who I am, so just take me there… Now I have nothing left, and I am scared to death

Will they remember me, hanging my noose this week

Throw it all away, if I, throw it all, all away, For 15 Minutes of Fame…

Do you know how it feels, no control of the wheel, I am lost, oh so lost…