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Coolio – The Revolution testo e traduzione (al clic) in italiano

The Revolution - Coolio

parole da studiare

I'm seein' bodiez in the alley and blood in the valley

From the shores of Maine all the way to Compton Cali

I'm callin' rally to the homies in the street light

Take a real close at what it look like

A young nigga in the ghetto raised up on whit

The first thing momma told him was don't take no shit

Playin tag with body bag,


And bloody rag

And did you put the dodge on the toe tag?

Whoever the man today, might not be the man tomarrow

Cuz life is full of hardships, pimpslaps, and sorrow

Ya gotta believe in something, but whatever ya do

Make sure what you believe is real and true

Fuck the liez an' alibiez an' come to realize

My vision won't assault of wasted on blind lil' eyes

Like A T an' T ya gotta make a switch

O' get pushed to the side like a lil' ol' bitch


When the Revolution come I'm gonna be up front

With my finga on the trigga of a Mossburgh Pump

When the Revolution come I'm gonna be right there

With my nine in my hand and braids in my hair

I've been hollerin' and hoopin' yeah

Lootin' an' shootin'

I'm doin' some recruitin' to bring mo' troops in