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Daughtry – Wild Heart testo e traduzione (al clic) in italiano

Wild Heart - Daughtry

parole da studiare

You used to be the girl that set the world on fire

And they drenched your soul in water but the flames reached higher

Used to act so tough like you could walk on a wire

And they called you devil's daughter, such a pretty liar



You were burning like the summer, crazy like a fox

You hit harder than a drummer, like a wave on the rocks

You could play me like the lotto, you were playing a part

There ain't nobody could tame you and your wild heart




Take me back

To those barefoot summer nights

Take me back

Running down those highway lights

Remember when

We said don't let go to it

Darling take me back

To that fire in your eyes

'Cause I know it ain't gone too far

Take me back to you and to your wild heart


To your wild heart


You used to be the girl that could light up a room

And with the flip of a switch I bet you still do