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Die Antwoord – Evil Boy testo e traduzione (al clic) in italiano

Evil Boy - Die Antwoord

parole da studiare

Vuil-geboosted gang$ta (turbo-boosted ill)

Yooo evil boy!

Why is your incanca (penis) so big?

All the better to love you with!

No glove no love!

If you don't believe me

Take your dirty hands off my umthondo wisizwe!

Happy! happy! joy! joy!

Crush! kill! destroy!

Gooi! (bring it!) car-crash rap style!

Ah man that's wild!

Evil boy rap time!

People gooi zap signs!

Full fuckin flex! fre$!

Mega-zef! go!

Everybody go ho! like a thundercat

I'm all up in the club in my underpants

No shirt on cos it's fuckin hot!

Let's go diplo pump it up!

Girls wanna say hello to me

From the zefside to the fuckin overseas

I'm looking at who's looking at me

Looking at you looking back who can that be?

When I'm all up this

Bitch you know who the motherfuck it is

Roll through the club like a

Tikoloshe (little hairy african demon man with a giant horse penis)

Ninjas hung like a fokken horse

Yeah girl! I'm a freak of nature

Sign my name on your boob fuck a piece of paper

If you feeling feeling me...fuck off!

Wies jy? fokkol! umnqunduwakho!

Yooo evil boy!

Why is your incanca (penis) so big?