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Eliza Doolittle – Money Box testo e traduzione (al clic) in italiano

Money Box - Eliza Doolittle

parole da studiare

Instead of goin' out

To dinner tonight

We can grow vegetables

Underneath our skylight

Clickin' these downloads

Everyday has it's price

We can lounge on our couch

And listen to our 45's

So take your Dollar, your Yen

Those Euros I can't spend

I won't get down with no Pounds

Never need to leave this house

Don't need your moneybox

'Cause I got lots and lots

Of what I need right here

Right here with you, my dear

Don't need the cash machine

To make our days happy

So do me a favor

Don't jingle your change sir

Instead of goin'

To the movies tonight

There's no shame in us playin'

Best of that Sega Mega Drive

Hand me your trousers

You got holes in your knees

It's no fuss, patch them up

Forget about that shoppin' spree