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Gary Moore – Teenage idol testo e traduzione (al clic) in italiano

Teenage idol - Gary Moore

parole da studiare

He never did much good when he went to school.

Too many teachers, there were too many rules.

A dirty faced kid, he was never outta trouble.

His Mum and Papa told him better get out on the double.

But when he heard that music on the radio

He knew one day he was gonna be a teenage idol.

He quit his job in the factory.

He was tired of makin' peanuts, so he jumped out of the tree.

He couldn't wait another day to get out of that place.

He punched the clock, and he broke its face.

But when he heard that guitar on the radio,

he knew one day he was gonna be a teenage idol.

Teenage idol.

He's a teenage idol

He knows how to rock and roll.

A teenage idol

He's way out of control.

He dumped his chick and he sold his car.