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Janelle Monáe – Hell You Talmbout testo e traduzione (al clic) in italiano

Hell You Talmbout - Janelle Monáe

parole da studiare

Baby, ooh

Baby, ooh

Baby, ooh

Baby, ohh

Bombs on the floor

Smoke in the mirror

Girls get their hair done

In electric jungles

Drunk man comes

Stopping the limo

He said he got a gun

But we keep on jamming on

Red, white, and blue

Here come the sirens

Only to dance

With the little girls on the corner

There's a war in the streets

Nobody speaks

And now a boy laying on the ground

Now what the hell

Hell you talking 'bout?

Now what the hell

Hell you talking 'bout?

Coca leaf

From Indone'

Travels down

To ghetto streets, right to ya' hand