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Kylie Minogue – Got to Be Certain testo e traduzione (al clic) in italiano

Got to Be Certain - Kylie Minogue

parole da studiare

You keep on asking me

Why can't we be together

I keep saying won't you wait a while

What's all the hurry

I thought we had forever

I just need time till I can make up my mind

I'm not asking for

A love to last forever

I don't expect to get a guarantee

It's just that I believe

Lovers should stick together

I'm only saying

Won't you wait for me

I've got to be

Got to be certain

I've got to be so sure

I've had my share of hearts broken

And I don't wanna take that anymore

I've got some friends who say

Boys are all the same

They're only looking out for just one thing

I'm only hoping that