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Lacuna Coil – Under the Surface testo e traduzione (al clic) in italiano

Under the Surface - Lacuna Coil

parole da studiare

Beneath the gloss

There is no escape

You're looking sharp

But the smile is fake

There's much more

That hides behind

All your senses are compelled to lie

Solitary warm embrace

That keeps me here confined

(Can't run away)

I search for comfort deep inside

And I don't want to get away

(Escape from here)

I could be wrong but I don't care

I'm imprisoned deep


Living in isolation from the world


But I feel fine

Everything feels perfect

When you're spinning lies

(Deceiving yourself)

But deep under the surface

The battle comes alive

(Don't want to fight)

Everything's collapsing

But you don't seem to care


Illusions and emotions are for sale


There is no point

Loneliness won't let me go

And crawls beneath my skin