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Lil Peep – Absolute in doubt (prod. foxwedding) testo e traduzione (al clic) in italiano

Absolute in doubt (prod. foxwedding) - Lil Peep

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[Wicca Phase Springs Eternal:]

Running up that hill, you pushin' me back

Think that I can make you want it bad

I don't need it though

(I don't need it though)

Sometimes you make me wait and make it like a plan

Wish that you could help me understand

Why? Because I don't know (I dunno)

Sometimes I feel that weight, I hold that in my chest

Sometimes I hold it back, other times I'm blessed

Other times I want more, you put me in debt

I want you like so alive

Wanna be like so inside, wanna be like

Fore me want you to be more into it than this

For me I want more than you seem to wanna give

I see passion in the way you turn your back