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Miracle of Sound – Nord Mead! (Skyrim) testo e traduzione (al clic) in italiano

Nord Mead! (Skyrim) - Miracle of Sound

parole da studiare

We're merry men of Skyrim

So sturdy and so stout

When the day is done

When it's time for fun

We'll drink and sing and shout!

You weak livered milk drinkers

Can let your throats run dry

Cause there's just one drink

That we will sink

Until the day we die

Drinking mead in the halls of Whiterun

The maidens and the men!

We swig our brew

Until we spew

Then we fill our mugs again!

You can keep your filthy Skooma

It makes our bellies bleed

Cause when we raise our flagon

To another dead dragon

There is just one drink we need...


Chug a mug of mead

And another mug of mead

Chug another mug of mead

Till you fall down