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Nas – One Time 4 Your Mind testo e traduzione (al clic) in italiano

One Time 4 Your Mind - Nas

parole da studiare

Intro: Nas and Large Professor

Yeah, it's Illmatic (yeah)

It's Illmatic (yeah!)

It's Illmatic, huh

(yeah kick that shit)

[LP] One time 4 your mind, one time

[Nas] Yeah whatever

[LP] One time 4 your mind, one time

[Nas] Yo whatever

[LP] One time 4 your mind, one time

Aiyyo Nas (whattup Paul) kick that fuckin rhyme

Verse One: Nas

Check it out

When I'm chillin, I grab the buddha, get my crew to buy beers

And watch a flick, illin and root for the villian, huh

Plus every morning, I go out and love it sort of chilly

Then I send a shorty from my block to the store for Phillies

After being blessed by the herb's essence

I'm back to my rest, ten minutes some odd seconds

That's where I got the honey at, spends the night for sexing

Cheap lubrication, Lifestyle protection

Picking up my stereo's remote control quickly

Ron G's in the cassette deck, rockin the shit, G

I try to stay mellow, rock, well acapella rhymes'll

make me richer than a slipper made Cinderella fella

Go get your crew, Hobbes, I'm prepared to bomb troops

Got niggaz who's born, I shot my way out my Mom Dukes

When I was ten, I was a hip-hoppin shorty wop

Known for rocking microphones and twisting off a 40 top, yeah