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P. Diddy – Testimonial testo e traduzione (al clic) in italiano

Testimonial - P. Diddy

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I need y'all to hear me out there

Can y'all hear me out there? Uhh

Through blocks and boroughs, cops is plottin

Snakes slither while hustlers chop they product

Foreign cars exotic, got hoes hypnotic

While I cruise through the concrete, blowin my chronic

And I move like a diplomat, hoodie and fitted caps

Dwell in the habitat where cons and killers at

Faced a thousand deaths, cowards'll bow to the feet

of the almighty, a God to the black child

I told moms I would be somethin

I gave myself to the world now it's like you owe me somethin

Listen up, I got a story to tell

It's like I fell out of heaven just to walk through hell

It's what, fueled my fire, ignited my desire

You gave me the bricks and the sand to build the empire

Throw the seal on my forehead, my faith still strong

With all I've been through, you would think my faith gone

But nope, I hold my stance in stone