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Rihanna – G4L testo e traduzione (al clic) in italiano

G4L - Rihanna

parole da studiare

I lick the gun when I´m done

'Cause I know that revenge is sweet, so sweet

This is a gang, ladies thing

Baby bang, tell me what you need

Any motherfucker wanna disrespect?

Playing with the fire gonna get you wet

How'd it feel down there on your knees?

I got this girl´s like a soldiers

Trip and it´s going down, down, down

I´m ready to roll

Girl, I'm with you, if they get you,

they get to me

So, come on and let´s go

Ganster for life

'Til the day that I die

I promise I´m standing by

´Cause you know I´m down

You know i´m down

Ganster for life

We driving by with them headlights off

We know where you stay

Know what you did, we don't play that shit

Nigga, we don't play, no

Everybody cried when you did your dirt

Acting like a bitch gonna get you hurt