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Stone Sour – Rose Red Violent Blue (This song is so numb &.. testo e traduzione (al clic) in italiano

Rose Red Violent Blue (This song is so numb &.. - Stone Sour

parole da studiare

Excuse me, oh pardon me, I'm

Still sticky on the inside

There comes a time when all I do

Is sit around in contemplation

And curse my situation

I'm just too bored for normal news

Be careful of what you wish for

Impossible to just ignore

One last time is all I need

To get my life and stocks in order

They're on the rise this quarter

Beware of certain friends

Who sell you out when everything is free

I know what I am to all of you

And I've got all these other things to do

To do

Open up, I know enough I'm overused

Everyone I've ever loved is easily amused

Go ahead and tell the dead it's only youth

But I am much too old