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Tool – Third Eye testo e traduzione (al clic) in italiano

Third Eye - Tool

parole da studiare

See I thing drugs have done good things for us

I really do.

And if you don't believe that drugs have

Done good things for us, do me a favor.

Go home tonight, take all your albums,

All your tapes, all your cds and burn them.

Cause all the musicians that made that great music

That has enhanced your lives throught the years,

Real fucking high on drugs!

Dreaming of that face again.

It's bright and blue and shimmering.

Grinning wide and

Comforting me with it's three warm and wild eyes.

On my back and tumbling

Down that hole and back again

Rising up and wiping the

Webs and the dew from my withered eye.


A child's rhyme stuck in my head

It said that life is but a dream

I've spent so many years in question

To find I've known this all along.

So good to see you

I've missed you so much.

So glad it's over.

I've missed you so much

Came out to watch you play.

Why are you running away?

Came out to watch you play.

Why are you running?