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Pronuncia di bits in Inglese

  • bit
  • po'
  • morso
  • punta
  • poco
  • pezzo
  • pezzetto
  • attimo
  • briciolo
  • boccone
  • freno
  • brano
  • momento

Esempi da film

You almost got yourself blown to bits protecting that woman.
Oblivion - I've Been Watching You
Sheriff murdered. Innocent women and children blown to bits!
Blazing Saddles - Harrumphing with the Governor
They exchange a thousand bits of information between them per second.
Lucy - Time is the Answer
I will be shooting short bits of film from various angles.
Hitchcock - Only Suggesting Nudity
and that I should look for the blue bits.
Man Up - F*** the Past
I think you might be the blue bits, Nancy.
Man Up - F*** the Past