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Pronuncia di nope in Inglese

  • no

Esempi da film

Nope, it wasn't easy for these guys.
Minions Many Evil Bosses
Nope. I'm just an ordinary guy... with nothing to lose.
American Beauty - Lester Blackmails Brad
Nope. I told him this was nuts. He's on his own.
Hotel Transylvania 2 - Learning to Fly
No, I can't do that. Nope, nope, nope. Not gonna happen.
Evan Almighty - Evan's New Look
Nope. No, that did nothing for me.
Snowden - Make You See
- Nope. - Not today.
Newtown - Someday
Nope. Not one present from Dusty. All from Brad.
Daddy's Home - It's a Pony!
The problem is, we have to replace three key players in our lineup. - Nope.
Moneyball - It's An Unfair Game
- And if there was, could we afford him? - Nope.
Moneyball - It's An Unfair Game
- Without anything in it, it's black coffee. Can you say "black coffee?" - Nope.
Look Who's Talking - That's Breast Milk