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Pronuncia di smells in Inglese

  • odori
  • odore
  • profumo
  • olfatto
  • puzza
  • puzzo
  • odorato
  • annusare
  • odorare
  • puzzare
  • fiutare
  • profumare
  • sapere di
  • subodorare
  • avere profumo
  • sentire l'odore
  • avere l'odore

Esempi da film

- Not from my body. - It smells!
Iron Man - Is It Safe?
- I know. - He smells like pussy.
Belly - Tommy's Crib
And it smells terrible and the dogs are always bothering with it.
Talladega Nights - Dear Lord Baby Jesus
I hate to go to the doctor's office. Those smells make me gag.
The Benefactor - Holding That Leash
The cat turned into a little horse that smells like feet. What's to get?
Shrek the Third - Princess Prisoners