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Pronuncia di tax in Inglese

  • imposta
  • tasse
  • tassa
  • contributo
  • onere
  • carico
  • peso
  • tassare
  • accusare
  • tacciare
  • mettere a dura prova
  • di imposta
  • tributario

Esempi da film

You got a museum here? And the tax returns to prove it.
The Last Stand - She Has a Little Kick
Well, yes. I... I like to look at it as a kind of luxury tax.
De-Lovely - Spoiled Behavior
The government is gonna make you pay a tax on the prize.
Matchstick Men - Guaranteed Prizes
the prize gets recorded as a sales expense, and you don't pay any tax.
Matchstick Men - Guaranteed Prizes
It's just a bunch of fucking tax papers, man.
Tell - Shooting the Safe
Of course not, but you do need someone to set up the tax-free gift for you.
The Shawshank Redemption - Tax Advice Scene
Could I have your social security number for tax reasons?
Baby Boom - Firing Eve, Hiring Helga