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Future Plans ćwiczenia

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  • Phrase 1/25

    I probably won’twill notwill probably succeed in this quiz because I listened carefully.

  • Phrase 2/25

    I won’t definitelywill definitelydefinitely won’t go to the party later, Im too tired.

  • Phrase 3/25

    It‘s not going toare going to’s going to rain, look at the black clouds.

  • Phrase 4/25

    I am going towillmight see you later, Im really not sure.

  • Phrase 5/25

    We might meetwill meetare meeting our mother later at the museum in 30 minutes as we agreed.

  • Phrase 6/25

    Im sure everything won’t beis beingwill be fine, thats what I think.

  • Phrase 7/25

    That definitely won’t bewill probably beprobably won’t be a good idea, Im not sure they want you to do that.

  • Phrase 8/25

    In my opinion, he probably won’twill definitelymight win the election because I think hes the greatest man.

  • Phrase 9/25

    Heres the plan, we might go toare goinggoing to to go to the concert. We can get the tickets tomorrow.

  • Phrase 10/25

    The train leaveswill leavemight leave at 11:35 a.m.

  • Phrase 11/25

    The wedding is happeningwill happenmight happen at the church in Sunday morning.

  • Phrase 12/25

    Are you being atgoing togoing go to the football match tonight?

  • Phrase 13/25

    We are leavingleavewill leave the country because weve found a new job. Everything is organised.

  • Phrase 14/25

    What do you think you will to dodoeswill do this summer?

  • Phrase 15/25

    You arranged everything so when are you meetinggoing tomeet with the clients?

  • Phrase 16/25

    Ive no idea who is coming to the event but I hope we might seeare seeingwill see some famous people there.

  • Phrase 17/25

    Is it beingnot going to begoing to be busy at the beach?

  • Phrase 18/25

    The coach might arrivearrivesis arriving at 16:15 every Tuesday.

  • Phrase 19/25

    What time isdoeswill the plane always leave?

  • Phrase 20/25

    Ive thought about it and I am going to be inam goingam going to go to University in Jamaica.

  • Phrase 21/25

    Hes crazy, he mightis going towill definitely dance or sleep anything is possible. Who knows?

  • Phrase 22/25

    The hungry dog is going toprobably won’tmight eat the meat, look at his eyes: stop him!

  • Phrase 23/25

    Going toWillIs the world ever find peace? What do you think?

  • Phrase 24/25

    I usewill definitelydefinitely will use the future better in English now because I understand it better.

  • Phrase 25/25

    We are talkingis going to talkare going to talk about the future with more detail: thats the plan anyway!