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Często popełniane błędy

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All her money is kept in the bank.
All her money are kept in the bank.

Money is a singular noun and always takes a singular verb and pronoun.

I've finished my work.
I've finished from my work.
Her luggages are at the station.
Her luggage is at the station.

Baggage, another word for luggage, can't be used in the plural either: The baggage is ready for the train.

Why you were absent last Friday?
Why were you absent last Friday?

In questions beginning with an interrogative word like what, when, where, how, place the verb before the subject as in all questions.

What's the matter with you today?
What have you today?

What's wrong (with you)?, What's the trouble (with you)? and What's the problem? are also correct.

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