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Często popełniane błędy

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Robert took his brother from the hand.
Robert took his brother by the hand.

Also: hold by, catch by, seize by, snatch by, grasp by.

Do pupils their work carefully?
Do pupils do their work carefully?

In the correct form of the sentence, the first do means nothing on its own and only helps to make the question. The second do is the principal verb of the sentence, and has the meaning of perform.

Can you supply me all I need?
Can you supply me with all I need?

Also provide a person with: She provided her son with all he needed.

The man shot the bird by a gun.
The man shot the bird with a gun.

When you warn to show the means or the instrument with which the action is done, use with. By denotes the order of the action: The bird was shot by the man.

The following take by and not with: by hand, by post, by phone, by one's watch, by the hour, by the dozen, by the metre.

Are you related to Simon in any way?
Are you related with Simon in any way?

Also relation to: Is he any relation to you?

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