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The goods ordered haven't arrived.
The ordered goods haven't arrived.

The goods ordered is a shortened form of The goods which have been ordered.

He's now ashamed of his conduct.
He's now ashamed from his conduct.

It isn't correct to use ashamed of meaning shy. Ashamed means feeling shame or guilt about something. Shy means feeling nervous with someone. Instead of saying: I'm ashamed (or shamed) of my teacher, say: I'm shy of my teacher.

They're now using new machineries.
They're now using new machinery.

Machinery is a singular noun and always takes a singular verb and pronoun. We can say a piece of machinery or pieces of machinery

A year consists of twelve months.
A year consists from twelve months.

Take great care never to use consist in the passive form.

He's upstairs, he's downstairs.
He's up, he's down.

He's up means he's out of bed. He's upstairs (downstairs) means he's on the upper (lower) floor of the building

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