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Present Perfect and Present Perfect Continuous ćwiczenia

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  • Phrase 1/15

    I have been finishinghave finishedhave been finished my homework so now I can go to bed

  • Phrase 2/15

    I have been readinghave readhas been reading this book for a long time now - its a very long story

  • Phrase 3/15

    They have swumhave been swumhave been swimming. Give them a towel, theyre wet

  • Phrase 4/15

    I have madehas madehave been making a cake, its in the fridge

  • Phrase 5/15

    It has raininghas rainedhas been raining for hours!

  • Phrase 6/15

    Where were you? We have been waitinghave been waitedhave waited for ages

  • Phrase 7/15

    I have been seenhave seenhave been seeing all of his movies

  • Phrase 8/15

    I have visitedhave visitinghave been visiting over 30 countries and this is the strangest

  • Phrase 9/15

    He has already openinghave already openedhas already opened all the windows

  • Phrase 10/15

    She has just been goinghas just gone outhas just been gone for a walk

  • Phrase 11/15

    Have you ever metHave you ever been metDo you ever met someone famous?

  • Phrase 12/15

    Have you been watchingHave you been watchedHave you watched that new TV show? The last episode is next week

  • Phrase 13/15

    She has recently boughthas recently buyinghas recently been buying a new house and is happy with the house so far

  • Phrase 14/15

    I have been learnedhave learninghave been learning a third language

  • Phrase 15/15

    Have he seenHas he been seeingHas he seen many ghosts?