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6ix9ine – TIC TOC (feat. Lil Baby) tekst i tłumaczenie (po kliknięciu) piosenki

TIC TOC (feat. Lil Baby) - 6ix9ine

słowa do nauczenia się

Yung Lan on the track

Okay, tick tock, Audemars wrist watch

I keep a stick, I keep a big Glock

You get hit, I do not miss shots

I keep a stick, I tell her, "Kick rocks"

Okay, get rocks, wrist go drip, drop

I do not kiss, you making shit hot

You think I'm dumb, I ain't no kid

Thought you was in love

You ain't my bitch, nah

She on my drip drop

She ain't never went both ways, but I made them lip lock

Left her at the condo for days, she was at the tip top

Might as well throw away the key, I got the streets locked

I been drinkin' all this lean, I know I need to stop

Hoppin' out of stolen cars, and we shoot chops at opps

Two flooded out Rolexes, they don't tick or tock