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Al Stewart – Song On The Radio tekst i tłumaczenie (po kliknięciu) piosenki

Song On The Radio - Al Stewart

słowa do nauczenia się

I was making my way through the wasteland

The road into town passes through

I was changing the radio stations

With my mind on you

Oh your friends call you "Lily Paloma"

But that's not the way that you are

It's too much of a gentle misnomer

For a shooting star

But you and me baby

I saw you there

Straight away I knew

There's really no hiding

I'll tell you right now

What we're gonna do

We'll go collecting the days

Putting the moments away

You're on my mind like a

Song on the Radio

I remember the first time I saw you

Alone in the dark with a drink

With a candle flame burning before you

And your thoughts closed in