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Bow Wow – Marco Polo tekst i tłumaczenie (po kliknięciu) piosenki

Marco Polo - Bow Wow

słowa do nauczenia się

My swag to official man

(I mean so is my swag)

Yall cant catch upp

Ay Bow what yu rocking tho my niqqa?

New jeans shop(check)

Yellow Lamborgini( bow)

bbc shirt with a fresh pair of jeans (wow)

black card spending when i hit the mall


you cant catch me.

Im so ahead of yall (it's)

Marco Polo(12x) Polo


See imma stunt when i want to (ok)

Niqqas cant get wit me(nah)

And my garage just look like Duplont Registry(yeah)

And yeah i get that cake, i get that cake, jus like a bakery (cash)

Ohio in this thang hoe

you know aint no faking me(okay)

200 for da lam (damn)

Half a mill for da maybach

I dont even drive see my shoufer he handle dat

-But what about the hoes bow?-

I keep em on deck

S.O.D money gang

L.B.W we up next

And if it aint about no money

then i aint talking to ya

fake niqqas dont last long

we c right thru ya (true story)