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Butcher Babies – Underground And Overrated tekst i tłumaczenie (po kliknięciu) piosenki

Underground And Overrated - Butcher Babies

słowa do nauczenia się

Can't call my family, I don't have one

The sickest kid on earth

I'm the science project you've been hiding and I'm out to get revenge

You think you kinda know me not the other way around

'Cause I've changed the story from the four horsemen to the boy who cries wolf

I can't live by the same rules as you

The message

The reason

There's no need to believe it

Because we'll all end up underground and overrated

Preacher's got the bible-thumpers circling me

I'm their drug filter human

I trained the parasites to talk outta your mouth and now you sing just like a bird

That is the thing about filthy cannibals they're all infected with disease

I was born to rule but you changed the game to the boy who cries wolf