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Cher – Send The Man Over tekst i tłumaczenie (po kliknięciu) piosenki

Send The Man Over - Cher

słowa do nauczenia się

In a rented room

Above a Hollywood bar with my money gone

The ragged curtains blowing in the window

Lying hungry and alone

With no one to call, not even my folks

For the means to go on

Wondering if I lose my nerve

Or answer the phone

When the desk clerk calls to say

A stranger's on his way

Up the stairs to share my bed

Will I stay or slip away

I know an actress has to make sacrifices

But what a price to pay

And when I called my agent today

The conversation went this way


Send in anyone from Metro or Warners

Leave a call from me

Well then what about Paramount or NBC

You say there's nothing today

Just an interesting gentleman caller

With a burning request

I said send the man over, I guess