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Darren Hayes – Heart Attack tekst i tłumaczenie (po kliknięciu) piosenki

Heart Attack - Darren Hayes

słowa do nauczenia się

I’ve cracked

My temper’s spat

Hot coal, fire and acid jack

I’ve been used I feel abused

Something you’ve done has lit my fuse

And I take my theories back

Maybe Karma ain’t all that

Coz you do whatever you please

Everybody else is left to bleed

You’re a heart attack

Your heart is black

It’s whack

Your mind is jacked

How did anybody ever get like that?

You’re a heart attack

You stabbed me in the back

If you pull your punches jack

I’m taking everything back

You hit me harder than a heart attack

We used to stick together

You and me stay that way forever

But now to my surprise

You’ve become what we despised

What’s that they’re telling me?

Sleeping with the enemy!

Going down on dirty sheets