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Def Leppard – Personal Property tekst i tłumaczenie (po kliknięciu) piosenki

Personal Property - Def Leppard

słowa do nauczenia się

She's a gold-plated lover

Twenty-four carat cool

She can walk on water

She can walk in my room

She's a one man woman

And it's a one man race

She's got a kiss like fire

She burns the lips right off my face

It's finder's keepers

Loser's gonna weep

She's personal, property

Sealed 'n' stamped

Money in the bank

She's privateFor my eyes only

She's personal property

Personal property

Personal service, personal touch

Exclusively mine, thank you so much

She's a heart stoppin', brain thuddin'

Blood pumpin', knee tremblin'

Spine crushin', tongue tyin'

Personal property

And she belongs to me

She won't fall for nothin'

She's much more than cute

Don't mind y' window shoppin', that's all right

But you ain't gonna taste