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Dr. Dre – Big Ego's (featuring Hittman) tekst i tłumaczenie (po kliknięciu) piosenki

Big Ego's (featuring Hittman) - Dr. Dre

słowa do nauczenia się

[Dr. Dre]

I got mo' class than most of em, ran wit the best of em

Forgave the less of em, and blazed at the rest of em

What can I say? Cal-i-for-ni-A

Where niggaz die everyday over some shit they say

Disconnected from the streets forever

As long as I got a baretta, nigga, I'm down for whateva

I roll wit my shit off safety - for niggaz that been hatin me lately

and the bitches that wanna break me

If Cali blew up, I'd be in the Aftermath

Bumpin gangsta rap shit, down to blast for cash

Cause from Eazy-E, to D.O.C., to D.P.G.

started from that S.O.B., D.R.E.

Like Dub-C I'm rich rollin, pistol holdin

Pockets swoll nigga, that's how I'm rollin

Put the flame to the killer nigga

Worldwide homicide mob figure and a builder, for real

I'm hittin switches, makin bitches eat bitches

See me grab my dick everytime I pose for pictures

I own acres, floor seats watchin The Lakers

I'm cool with eses who got AK's in cases