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Lauren Christy – Woman's Song tekst i tłumaczenie (po kliknięciu) piosenki

Woman's Song - Lauren Christy

słowa do nauczenia się

See my face in the mirror and it's changing everyday

So I sing this woman's song,

oh woh

This is the man who made me cry

Pretended he loved me then said goodbye

This is the man who loved me so

But I didn't love him so let him go

And, oh, but I feel so ashamed

But now I know how much I've gained by

This woman's song

The good, the bad, the sadness,

it can make you strong

This woman's song

There's a method in my madness so I'll carry on

This woman's song

This is the man who rocked the boat

Yeah, I never know how I stayed afloat

And this is the man who gave the ring