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Little Mix – Holiday tekst i tłumaczenie (po kliknięciu) piosenki

Holiday - Little Mix

słowa do nauczenia się

Boy, have I told ya?

I swear, you put the sun up in my sky

When it's cold, you pull me closer

So hot, it's like the middle of July (July)

Wanna have a little taste? So, let me lay you down (Lay you)

Nothing better than your skin on mine (Skin on mine)

And I been looking for the feeling, looking all my life

Boy, you give it to me every time

Can we make it all night?

We don't stop all up on my body babbe, ooh

Touch me like a summer night, you feel like a holiday, ooh-ooh

Up all night, we don't stop feel up on my body, babbe

We're just dancing the night away

Boy, you feel like a holiday

So, I'mma let go

No one else in the world could ever come close to you, baby (Uh-uh)

Close to you, baby (Uh-uh)

We're taking it slow

Whenever, wherever, we’re lasting forever my baby (Uh-uh)

And you're turning me on (Uh, uh-uh)

Boy, have I told ya?

You give it to me like no other guy