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Mohombi – Match Made In Heaven tekst i tłumaczenie (po kliknięciu) piosenki

Match Made In Heaven - Mohombi

słowa do nauczenia się

You became mine on the first night

we became lovers at first sight

funny how a blink of an eye can turn your life around

wanna spend every tomorrow

with you baby nothing is impossible

fly you to the moon at the front row

there’s no limit, let’s go

sometimes we simply fall out

but that don’t change the fact

i’m tied to your love like heaven’s chains


If you go, i go

if you stay, i’ll stay

when you cry i’ll try to put a smile on your face

if you fall, we fall

i will hear you call

always know that baby i am yours and you’re

mine, mine, mine

we’re a match made in heaven

mine, mine, mine

we’re a match made in heaven

People turn around when we walk by

you is so fly from a bird’s eye