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New Hope Club – Let Me Down Slow tekst i tłumaczenie (po kliknięciu) piosenki

Let Me Down Slow - New Hope Club

słowa do nauczenia się

Heaven knows we're out of luck

Been on the point of giving up

If all is fair in war and love

Then why do we fight?

Something ain't right

‘Cause we don’t really talk about life no more

I'm just here my own tryna laugh it off

When the night comes crawling I'm holding on

For something to change, tension to break

It's about time

What are you hiding?

'Cause I got the right to know

There's something different in the way you look

What are you fighting?

If you're gonna let me go

It's gonna hurt so choose your words

Baby, let me down slow

Baby, let me down slow

Baby, let me down slow

Baby, let me down