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The Neighbourhood – NSTYNCT (feat. Skeme and OG Maco) tekst i tłumaczenie (po kliknięciu) piosenki

NSTYNCT (feat. Skeme and OG Maco) - The Neighbourhood

słowa do nauczenia się

You know everything is in black and white

Like me for example, black dad, white mom

You know, when TV first started it was in black and white

See the thing about me and Cannon

We love to do things first

So the first band to put out a mixtape

It would come from us

Y'all ready? (pragmatic)

Welcome to The Neighbourhood (Cannon)


(The Cannon)

I tried to warn you, everything is black and white


I can't be ridin' with a sucker, nigga,

nah uh-uh, no sir, can't do it (no sir)

Can't see yourself going broke no

time soon, no sir, can't view it (no sir)

My niggas in the game, all you niggas on the sidelines

Lookin' mad as hell, bitch, Jon Gruden (god-damn)

I take my Nikes off and put them Saint Laurent's on my feet

Still wanna come to rap? Then just do it

Young nigga, what your life like?

All my niggas ballin' round here

Reppin' players like a highlight

And all my bitches out here lookin' like fine wine

All your bitches out here lookin' like fright night, yikes

20 thousand dollars on a Rollie, no Ice

Know you can't afford it if you ask 'bout the price

See I been gettin' played like all my damn life

If it ain't about no money, you just don't live right, agh!

Change all the time, can change all the time

If I really want to I could change all your minds

I change in the day, I change in the night

I paint it all black and I paint it all white

Change all the time, can change all the time