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Exercícios sobre Present Continuous Tense

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  • Phrase 1/15

    The bird is singsis singingis sing

  • Phrase 2/15

    The children is makeis makingare making noise

  • Phrase 3/15

    My friend is callingare callingis call me.

  • Phrase 4/15

    Birds are flyingis flyingflying in the sky.

  • Phrase 5/15

    The baby is cryis cryingam crying for milk.

  • Phrase 6/15

    My husband is bakingare bakingbake a chocolate cake.

  • Phrase 7/15

    My children are watchingis watchingwatches a lot of TV these days.

  • Phrase 8/15

    I are tryingam tryingare try to remain calm.

  • Phrase 9/15

    My son is textingare textingis texts his friends all-day.

  • Phrase 10/15

    Aubrey is playingis playsare playing football in the garden right now.

  • Phrase 11/15

    Anna and James dois doingare doing their homework now.

  • Phrase 12/15

    Jim is not ridingridesnot riding his bike at the moment.

  • Phrase 13/15

    Vicky are listeningis listeningis listens to music now.

  • Phrase 14/15

    The girls are drawis drawingare drawing a beautiful picture at the moment.

  • Phrase 15/15

    Peter isn't wateringwatersis water the plants now.