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Exercícios sobre Present perfect simple and time adverbs

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  • Phrase 1/24

    Wejust done’ve just donejust have done the shopping thats why Ive got shopping bags in my hands!

  • Phrase 2/24

    I‘ve just seenalready have seen’ve already seen this film, lets watch another one

  • Phrase 3/24

    He has been tohasn’t been inhasn’t been to this country before, hes excited about seeing a new country

  • Phrase 4/24

    I’ve still gotstill have got‘ve already got your shoes in my house, its been a long time - can you come and get them?

  • Phrase 5/24

    She has lovedhas always lovedhas already loved chocolate - she loved it as a child and she loves it more now!

  • Phrase 6/24

    Theyve lived here forsincebefore January 2000, its been good

  • Phrase 7/24

    Ive been here forsinceafter 2 hours, why are you late?

  • Phrase 8/24

    We’ve never been‘ve already been‘ve always been to that doctor so I dont know what will happen when we go

  • Phrase 9/24

    He has still donehasn’t just donestill hasn’t done his homework and Ive told him to do it many times!

  • Phrase 10/24

    She has always dressedhasn’t always dressedstill hasn’t dressed this way she used to be very unfashionable

  • Phrase 11/24

    I havent seen you here beforeyetalready - who are you?

  • Phrase 12/24

    I havent finished cooking the chicken yetalreadybefore, itll be ready in 10 minutes

  • Phrase 13/24

    He has always understoodjust hasn’t understoodhas never understood the question, maybe you ask him again

  • Phrase 14/24

    What countries have you just beenhave you already beenhas you already been to? I heard you travelled a lot when you were younger

  • Phrase 15/24

    Have you never beenHave you still comeHave you just come back from the park? You have got dirty shoes

  • Phrase 16/24

    What has she always liked tohas she just liked tohave she always liked to eat for breakfast? Youve known her for a long time so you can help me

  • Phrase 17/24

    Have you still gotHave you always gotHave you just got any mushrooms? I saw them yesterday and Id like some if you have any

  • Phrase 18/24

    Has she never been there beforealreadyyet? I thought she had, its a popular place

  • Phrase 19/24

    He’s just won‘s already won‘s still won the race! Look how happy he is!

  • Phrase 20/24

    They have always enjoyedhave just enjoyedhave never enjoyed house parties thats why they dont come to them

  • Phrase 21/24

    He hasnt seen any ghosts in this house sincefor 12 years

  • Phrase 22/24

    Have you started making lunch agobeforeyet? You said you would cook it an hour ago

  • Phrase 23/24

    I’ve still got‘ve just got‘ve always got your old hat in my cupboard. If you want it, come and get it

  • Phrase 24/24

    Weve never eaten at this restaurant yetbeforesince so I hope that the food is good!