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Letra e tradução (ao clicar) da música Ready or Not - Air Traffic Controller

Ready or Not - Air Traffic Controller

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Ready or not, here I come

We’ll ask the school of thought I’m from

I must admit I’m not that dumb anymore

‘Cause I’ve been burnt, babe

Yeah I learned to take my time

And I’m sorry that I’m taking yours

I never wanted to be like this

Thought my lucked had changed with our first kiss

It lasted hours

Seems nothing lasts forever

Listen to me, do I sound happy?

Do I sound ready or not?

Do I sound ready or not?

But you could cloud my mind

Cloud my mind with love

I wish you would

And we could dive in blind

Swim around in this flood

‘Cause it feels good

But if we both rewind

To a time where I had you at hello

Ready or not