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Letra e tradução (ao clicar) da música The Greatest Bastard - Damien Rice

The Greatest Bastard - Damien Rice

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I made you laugh, I made you cry

I made you open up your eyes

Didn´t I?

I helped you open out your wings,

your legs, and many other things

Didn´t I?

Am I the greatest bastard that you know?

The only one who let you go?

The one you hurt so much you cannot bear?

Well we were good, when we were good

When we were not misunderstood

You helped me love, you helped me live

You helped me learn how to forgive

Didn´t you?

I wish that I could say the same

But when you left, you left the blame

Didn´t you?

Am I the greatest bastard that you met?

The only one you can´t forget?

Am I the one your truth´s been waiting for?

Or am I just dreaming once again?

Some dreams are better when they end