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Letra e tradução (ao clicar) da música Murmaider II: The Water God - Dethklok

Murmaider II: The Water God - Dethklok

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The Gods watch over you

And they consider what you've done

But now you've hidden away

To gain your strength

Deep in a cave

Your power is regained

And your legacy has spread

To the deepest of the sea

The one that brought them vengeance

That fights for his belief

He can swim through matter

He has poisoned teeth

His tentacles have murdered

His scream can kill the weak

He's got

Explosives - CHECK

Corrosives - CHECK

A master at the art of murder

Mermaids weep the blackened tears

So you swim to a sunken ship

Invited by a soul who bleeds from the lips

This prophet who beckons you wades in the dark

Speaks an ancient language this language is of sharks

He says you're the one that I decree

The one that can save us and set us free

You've gained the power of a deity

You have the strength to wake us from this sleep

And so you swim on

Swim on