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Letra e tradução (ao clicar) da música New York City - Lenny Kravitz

New York City - Lenny Kravitz

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Broadway lights and taxi cabs

Everybody's moving fast

Uptown, downtown, what's your thing?

She can take what she can bring

She gave me a life

Came up through the inner city

She raised me up and taught me to fight, yeah

She opened my mind

I got to the knitty gritty

The greatest time that you'll ever find

She is my heart,

I love New York City

She's lived and died

So many times, yeah!

Life is always tough

On New York City, oh love

But she is fine, she always survives, yeah!

She's a queen that stands her ground

Nobody can take her down

Good times, bad times, she can swang

And it ain't even a thang

She is a rock

As we pull but she is steady

And no one can take her freedom away, yeah

(Can't take her freedom)

I love her style

Whether she is clean or dirty

She's the greatest town that you'll ever find, yeah!