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Letra e tradução (ao clicar) da música Quiet Niggas - Nas

Quiet Niggas - Nas

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Where my real niggas at

Theres a lot of real niggas out there

Theres a lot of real niggas everywhere

Thats why you don't fuck with just anybody

A lot of niggas is just on the low, chillin

Not botherin nobody, until one motha fucka fuck with em

And then all hell break loose

[Hook (2)]

Quiet niggas will kill

Loud niggas talk shit

Them be the ones that get killed

It's wild where we walk kid

Is you brave nigga

Is you a slave nigga

Is you a made nigga

Or is you a paid nigga

Well known gangstas, in trust

That we bust

Your heart and soul lies with us

Boldly go where we once took a nigga before

Now the motha fucka beggin for more

Its the reason

Standin here shakin, hatin the haters

They watchin my paper

Realize, a 4 5 will open his eyes

Now what the fuck you think he saw before he drop

Nigga standin there just like a cop

Braveheart I'm screamin up the block

Now the soldier, cadet, general in fact

Don't let me get up and show yawl motha fucka's respect

Plans connect

The twinkle and diamonds upon my neck

More jazz than Hornecek

I blast and leave your corner wet

Straight on top of ya