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Letra e tradução (ao clicar) da música Some Of Us Have Angels - Nas

Some Of Us Have Angels - Nas

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[Chorus: Nas (repeat 2X)]

Some of us have angels -- the kingdom, the power

Some of us have angels -- the power, the glory

Some of us have demons -- greed, and lust

Some of us have demons -- lust, temptation


Now this is you, dressed in all black, fatigue hat, ready for combat

A good nigga, you don't leave tracks

A hood nigga wantin G-stacks, do what you gotta do to get that

You feel you need that, where the jooks at?

These are your niggaz, creepin they be leavin niggaz sleep witchu

Loc' style, quiet no smile, it's the official

Sometime they grimy, speakin on they own people

They snake you if they have to, raised tattoos

Now these are your bitches, phonin lonely homey chickens

All the homies stick em, you think you own em man listen

She stab you in your sleep with a knife from out the kitchen

Put a root on you, next week they find you missin

Dead in your Expedition in the forest, fell off the cliff and

tumbled til you blew up, Feds told her and she threw up

Fake bitches, actresses, wicked witch practices

Two sides of us, negative or positive



Now this is your mom, your good luck charm

Pushin you to do no wrong, prayin for you that you live long