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Como se pronúncia god's

de deus

Exemplos de filmes com God's

I'm so happy that God's put our packages together!
Sausage Party Trailer
There's supposed to be three registers open. For God's sakes.
Ted - White Trash Names
Of course I'm trying to seduce you for God's sake.
Bull Durham - Annie Seduces Nuke
Man, that was God's way of tellin' you to let me go, I think.
Bulletproof - I'm Your God
And what in God's name made you think you even had the authority?
Valkyrie - No Handed
and revealed God's special purpose for our family.
Frailty - A Vision From God
- The angel called us God's hands. - So we're like superheroes?
Frailty - A Vision From God
God's will has a purpose, but we may not know it.
A Knight's Tale - My Foxy Lady
And for God's sakes, I got to treat her like a sister.
Joe Dirt - You're My Sister!
Alejandro! For God's sake, why can't you leave me alone?
The Legend of Zorro - A Definite Maybe
And why shouldn't God's anointed appear here
Hail, Caesar! - Got Most Of It
For God's sakes, Griff, leave the kid alone.
Baby Driver - Is He Slow?
- It's God's will! - God's will?
Saved! - Exorcism By Posse

Pronúncia de áudio de God's

Pronúncia americana

God's pronunciado por Ivy (criança, garota)
God's pronunciado por Joanna (feminino)
God's pronunciado por Kendra (feminino)
God's pronunciado por Kimberly (feminino)
God's pronunciado por Salli (feminino)
God's pronunciado por Joey (masculino)
God's pronunciado por Justin (criança, garoto)
God's pronunciado por Matthew (masculino)

Pronúncia britânica

God's pronunciado por Amy (feminino)
God's pronunciado por Emma (feminino)
God's pronunciado por Brian (masculino)